What Clean Means to Us

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By Adriana Parente

We are taking the clean girl aesthetic to a whole new level. At Nudestix we stick to what we believe in - clean, simple beauty that is easy and safe for you to use everyday. We are proud to be a part of the Conscious Beauty community at Ulta Beauty and one step closer to getting our Clean at Sephora Seal this year.

To us, clean beauty is all about providing you with total transparency so you can make informed choices when purchasing your Nudestix pieces. When Nudestix refers to clean products, we refer to products and packaging that do not contain ingredients or packaging materials found in the Nudestix Global Black List. This list consists of over 1350 ingredients and is always changing. This evolving list will continue to grow as new ingredient science, labeling guidelines, and global regulations change over time. To make sure you are aware of what is in your products, all web pages and labeling disclose full ingredient lists for full clarity.

As a brand committed to sustainability and providing clean beauty options to you, it is important that we continue to share what clean means to us. In order to keep our promise we make to sure to do the following with you in mind:

Nudestix audits and follows global health and beauty regulations

All Nudestix products use ingredients with global cosmetic safety approvals by food and drug recognized government agencies.

Further to global regulatory auditing, Nudestix founders, chemical engineers, and regulatory scientists have also elevated internal standards by alignment with cruelty-free agencies, our dermatologist and medical advisor, our community, global retailer clean, good for you, and conscious beauty ingredient recommendations and sustainability guidelines on the compilation of a ‘Nudestix Global Black List’.

We can’t wait to continue sharing the clean girl aesthetic with you from our ingredients and packaging to your everyday looks!