What Are the Skincare Benefits of Mandelic Acid?

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You’ve heard of hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and glycolic acid but do you know the power of mandelic acid? The alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is a key ingredient in NUDESKIN’S ' Tight + Bright Face Mask for good reason. It gently removes all those dead skin cells, revealing clearer, smoother skin. Call it your chemical peel BFF.


We created the Tight + Bright Face Mask to make your skin feel exactly that...soft, firm and glowy using proven effective ingredients, said NUDESTIX founder Jenny Frankel. After exfoliating, I love applying this multi-tasking mask that works its magic while relaxing either in the bath, watching my favorite TV series or reading a book. I love the way my skin feels smooth, plump and looks clear after using this mask"and the best part...people stop to tell me how amazing my skin looks all the time.



Mandelic acid is actually derived from bitter almonds. Now, that’s what we call vegan! Just like glycolic acid, it' s an especially great ingredient for those with acne-prone skin. But it's actually known to be even more gentle, so it’s favored by those with sensitive skin. There is absolutely no irritation here.


Not only does mandelic acid gently slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores, but it also makes skin look more youthful. Mandelic acid has been shown to help increase collagen production, as well as lighten dark spots like post acne-marks and melasma.


Now you see why we made it the star of Tight + Bright Face Mask. But of course, that’s not the only glow-boosting ingredient. The at-home peel also contains 10 percent niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 that helps strengthen the lipid barrier, locking in moisture and reducing redness and signs of aging. To round out the all-star ingredients, we included 2 percent betaine salicylate, a keratolytic beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that gently improves skin texture and tone.


You really only need 10 minutes to reap all these benefits of this 4-in-1 multi-tasker. That's about the time it takes to do a hair mask or shave your legs in the bathtub. (Or scroll through TikTok no judgements here.) You can apply the gel formula to the entire face or spot treat clogged areas you want to deep clean.


If this is your nighttime skincare routine, head to bed and dream of clear skin. If you’re heading out for the day, it's more important than ever to apply sunscreen like Nudescreen Daily Mineral Veil SPF 30. That’s because AHAs can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun.



As part of your entire NUDESKIN routine, here is our fave application:


1. Cleanse skin with Gentle Hydra-Gel Face Cleanser.


2. Apply the Tight + Bright Face Mask all over the face, neck and chest.


3. Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes. For a deep treatment, leave on for 60 minutes. For blemish treatment, leave on spots overnight.


4. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.


5. Moisturize skin with Citrus-C Mask & Daily Moisturizer.


6. Hydrate lips with Hydra-Peptide Lip Butter.


7. Show off your glowing skin!