Achieve these Four Pride Makeup Looks with Olivia Ponton: A Beauty Breakdown

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As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Olivia Ponton is celebrating pride month in its full glory. From publicly coming out in 2021 to advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, Olivia inspires everyone to believe in themselves and feel confident in revealing who they are.


Through this blog, Olivia Ponton shares the four minimalist looks she is proudly wearing this pride month, that also have a positive impact on our planet with vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and reef-safe formulations.


Olivia keeps all of these pride looks to a minimum, flaunting her natural beauty and inspiring the community to do the same. These looks are all about feeling good in your own skin but, of course, with a touch of bright colors for pride month. They are about being happy, joyful, proud, and in high spirits for being the best version of yourself, for yourself. In keeping with her minimalist looks for Pride month, Olivia is joined by a proud LGBTQ+ couple and celebrity makeup artist Stephen Moleski (@ArtistrybyStephen_) and his Photographer partner Michael Stewart (@michaelstewartofficial) to create and capture these makeup looks.



Look 1: In My Nude Skin. “This ‘No Makeup look’ is all about feeling comfortable and happy in your own skin while embracing the fact that you are you, away from the conventional beauty standards set by society.” says makeup artist, Stephen Moleski.


Start by prepping the skin with minimal and clean skincare. Use the Citrus C Daily Moisturizer, a 3-in-1 formula that works as a hydrating moisturizer, mask, and makeup primer.


Next use the essential Nudescreen SPF 30 Daily mineral veil as sunscreen should be an integral part of skincare.


Nudefix Concealer is the next step that helps to have a flawless ‘no-makeup look.’


The Magnetic Eye Color in shade Nudity which lets the eyes pop with a natural glow and a touch of shimmer.


Lash Strengthening Mascara helps volumize the lashes, and Brow Gel XL helps define brows to make the eye shadow pop further.


The use of Gel Lip Color + Cheek Balm in the shade ‘Tay Tay’ to give the cheeks and lips a perfectly natural tint. This multipurpose cheek and lip tint moisturizes the lips and gives the cheeks a subtle and natural tone.


Complete the look by setting the makeup using the NEW Blot and Blur Matte Stick.


And, Voila! There you have it. One of Olivia’s favorite ‘no makeup’ makeup looks.



Look 2: Sweet Cheeks. Since pride is all about expressing feelings of love, Olivia wanted the second look to be all about love with a blush of pink and peachy tones using her custom collaboration shade, Sweet Cheeks.


After prepping the skin, this look starts with Nudestix's lightweight Tinted Cover Foundation and Nudefix Concealer for a flawless natural finish.


The NEW Blot and Blur Matte Stick helps prime the base for makeup that lasts hours with perfected skin texture.


The multipurpose Gel Lip Color + Cheek Balm in the shade Rebel helps bring a burst of pink and a glowing radiance to the eyes and lips, illustrating the feelings of love.


The next step is the budge-proof, waterproof, and long-wearing Magnetic Eye Color in the shade Pink Seychelles that instantly brings natural pink hues to the eyes, making them pop with fresh and neutral colors.


Next, use Nudies Glow in the shade Bubbly Bebe to bring an instant dewy glow to the face that lasts for hours.


Use Lash Strengthening Mascara to add volume to the lashes and Brow Gel XL to define the brows.


Lastly, Nudies Bloom in Olivia’s own shade, ‘Sweet Cheeks’ helps bring a flush of peach to the cheeks and give final touches to the lips for a natural peach makeup look.



Look 3: Blue Eyed Babe. In rhythm with pride month, MUA Stephen Moleski created this beautiful look for Olivia with a pop of color. The blue tones are about expressing yourself and your uniqueness to the world. It symbolizes being bold and being your true self.


After perfecting the base, start with the eyes using the Magnetic Eye Color’ in the shade Oceania. Use the same shade on the lower lash line for an added effect.


Accentuate the inner corner and the middle eyelids with ‘Nudies All Over Face Glow’ in the shade ‘Brown Sugar Baby.’ This further helps intensify the blue eyeshadow.


Next, Nudies Bronze in Bondi Bae is added for warmth and dimension. This gives a subtle and natural contour.


For the next step, use Nudies Blush in the shade In The Nude to add a surreal flush of color to the cheeks.


Nudies Blush in the shade Nude Peach helps intensify the cheeks further.


The Brow Pencil helps define brows to make the eyeshadow color pop.


Lastly, give a final touch to the makeup with the new Blot and Blur Matte Stick.



Look 4: Euphoric Pride. Being synonymous with happiness, this look featuring the Euphoric Nudes Festival Palette is all about being happy in your own skin. This look showcases hues of bronze, and the result is the glow we get when we find happiness.


Start with Tinted Cover Foundation and Nudefix Concealer. The lightweight and long-wearing base gives the face a flawless natural finish.


Nudies Bronze in Sunkissed enhances the beautiful contours of the face, giving you a warm and sunkissed look.


Give the inner lower lash line a vibrant and royal hue with the multipurpose Magnetic Eye Color stick in the shade Lilac Sky. This helps brighten up your gaze.


Next, use the Euphoric Nudes Palette in the shades ‘Boho, Rustic Grotto, and Angel’ for a beautiful shimmer and shine.


The cheeks are lifted with the Nudies Glow in Euphorix.


Lips are finished with the glossy and shimmery La Badi.


Lashes are made voluminous with the Lash Lengthening Mascara.


Lastly, set the makeup with the NEW Blot and Blur Matte Stick.


And, you are ready with the look of happiness, the Euphoric Pride look.


Nudestix is proud to have been part of these pride makeup looks with Olivia Ponton, MUA Stephen Moleski, and his husband and Photographer Michael Stewart. To support the LGBTQ+ community, Nudestix is proudly kicking off a USD 10,000 donation to GLAAD to help fight against LGBTQ+ discrimination.