How to Wash Your Nudestix Brushes!

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Mark it in your calendar - washing your makeup brushes should be at the top of your list on a weekly basis!


Why You Should Wash Your Brushes


Over time your makeup brushes hold dirt, dead skin, oil, and bacteria from your skin. It is easy to transfer that bacteria on your makeup products and skin during each application. If you are not washing your brushes properly or often enough, it might be part of the reason your skin is not at its best.


Not only will washing your bushes be a lifesaver for your skin, but it will ensure your makeup brushes perform to perfection with each use. The more product build up on your brushes, the more difficult it is for the bristles to glide seamlessly on your face. Afterall, an artist would never use a dirty brush to create a new masterpiece!


About Nudestix Brushes


All of our brushes are vegan, cruelty-free, and have synthetic bristles. Just like our products, we designed all of our brushes with purpose.


Blend & Buff Brush is made for multi-tasking with a dual-ended makeup brush. It is ideal for applying lightweight cream balms, creamy liquid, and cream-to-powder complexion products.


The Pencil Blenders come in a tool kit packed with the perfect trio: a Lid Brush, Crease Brush, and Liner Brush. These brushes are perfect for creating a simple or smoky look.


All of our Nudies products include a brush at the end. Yes, this is one of our Nudestix magic tricks!


How to Wash Your Brushes


Whether you are using the Blend & Buff Brush, Pencil Blenders, or the brush on your Nudies Blush, here are some easy steps on how to wash them all:

If you are washing the brush on your Nudies, make sure to lightly remove it from the stick.


Squeeze a healthy amount of a gentle cleanser to a glass filled with warm water. You can use your Nudestix Gentle Hydra-Gel Face Cleanser or baby shampoo.


Swirl your brushes in the water and gentle cleanser to remove all the product build up, rinse with clean water, and repeat if the water still runs dirty. You want to do this until the water you squeeze out of the brush is clear!


Finally, lay flat to dry. Easy peasy - there should be no reason you can’t do this every week.


Washing vs. Cleaning


Washing your brushes should be a weekly routine, but you can always clean your brushes in between uses. If you are going for a smokey eye look and playing around with different colors on your face, you might want to spot clean. You can fill a spray bottle with warm water and a gentle cleanser, shake it well, and spray your brushes. Wipe the bristles on to a paper towel to dry and keep using!