The Best — and Safest! — Ways to Remove Even the Toughest Makeup

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At NUDESTIX, we know a 20-step skincare routine is totally unrealistic to a busy life. Hey, some nights we might only be able to do one or two skincare steps before our head hits the pillow. But whether you have a full face beat or some light no-makeup makeup, one step is most important: removing the makeup. Even if you don’t have to exfoliate and tone (you can do that tomorrow!), removing your makeup will ensure you don’t wake up with clogged pores and tons of regret. 

We’re breaking it down into three main reasons for removing makeup and giving you easy solutions for your best skin — all with NUDESKIN products, of course. The vegan, cruelty-free and clean line has everything you need to remove even the toughest makeup safety, all while hydrating and cleansing the skin at the same time. 


Removing Heavy Makeup 

When you went all out and you’ve got layers of foundation, waterproof mascara, faux lashes and matte lipstick, you need a serious makeup remover. But you want to use one that’s still gentle and won’t strip the skin, damaging the moisture barrier. That’s where CITRUS CLEAN BALM & MAKEUP MELT comes in. 

The citrus-infused cleansing balm removes all traces of makeup and freshly cleanses the skin, while brightening and softening the complexion with vegan natural extracts, all in a no-mess tube. Yup, it doesn’t just remove makeup — though it does that seriously well. Rosehip fruit oil, rich in vitamin A, makes skin look hydrated, while apple fruit extract, a powerful antioxidant, protects skin while it gently exfoliates. 


Removing Light Makeup 

Maybe you had a low-key day where you wore your favorite NUDESTIX TINTED COVER and not much else. It’s still important to remove it from your skin so you can get some real beauty sleep. GENTLE HYDRA-GEL FACE CLEANSER does just that and more. The non-foaming, water-based gel cleanser naturally removes makeup, clarifies skin and gently purifies skin without any harsh surfactants, fragrances, and chemicals. 

It was developed with plant-powered actives for the most sensitive eyes and skin. This face wash reduces the appearance of inflammation, irritation, blemishes and dryness — all while getting off every stitch of makeup. Hyaluronic acid softens skin while bergamot fruit oil deep cleans pores and mushroom extracts brightens.


Removing Makeup On-the-Go

If you want to remove makeup and refresh your skin on a plane, at a friend’s house or just anywhere you don’t have your usual skincare system, our VEGAN BAMBOO-DERIVED CLEANSING CLOTHS are basically heaven-sent. One cloth is all it takes to remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize skin. They’re made with soft, sustainable bamboo eco-fibers so they’re super-strong. And they’re completely biodegradable!

Lemongrass packs a citrus astringent punch to cleanse skin while coconut oils gently dissolve heavy-duty makeup while softening the skin. Skin is pampered and soothed thanks to the calming presence of aloe, chamomile and cucumber extracts.

When you have an extra minute, give your skin a little more hydration with CITRUS-C MASK & DAILY MOISTURIZER and HYDRA-PEPTIDE LIP BUTTER. Waking up with clear, hydrated skin is worth it — we promise.  


Bonus Tip 

Reusable makeup remover cloths are an eco-friendly, bank account-friendly, and skin-friendly way to make all of these cleansing methods work harder. The NEW Nudeskin 100% RE-USABLE NATURAL FACE PADS are made with 80% bamboo and 20% cotton to gently yet powerfully boosts the makeup removing powers of any facial cleanser, while being gentle on skin, gentle on our planet, and can be washed and reused time and time again to save you from buying traditional disposable products.