Get To Know Olivia Ponton!

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FACT #1: Olivia's Zodiac Sign

Olivia is a Gemini!


FACT #2: Olivia's Favourite Part About Being An Influencer


Olivia love connecting with her community to have an impact on their lives & on and off-line.


She is passionate about advocating for the LGBTQ community & mental health awareness. Olivia loves that she can be the role model & support system for her community, an influence that she felt that she was missing growing up.


FACT #3: Olivia's Favourite Treat

Her favorite snack is açai bowls


FACT #4: Olivia's Favourite TikTok Trend



 Get Ready with Me videos


FACT #5: Olivia's Favourite Product


One of Olivia's favourite Nudestix products is Nudies Bloom in Sweet Cheeks of course!