5 Waterproof Products to Get You Through the Summer Heat!

Posted on May 24 | By Adele Accardi

Summertime is here at last – a time for warmer weather, patio season, and humidity that manages to melt off even your longest-lasting makeup by noon.  Summer can be a long, hot battle with your makeup but there’s no need to sweat it, we got your back! 😊
We’re going to walk you through our Top 5 sweat-proof essentials and waterproof realness so you’re prepared if anyone tries to take you “swimming on the first date”😉


  1. Magnetic Eye Colors 

First up is our Magnetic Eye Colors in 22 shades to choose from in total between matte and luminous, these suckers do. Not. Budge. At all. Raccoon eyes will be a thing of the past because of our innovative waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof formula. Click here to shop our luminous and matte categories!


  1. Rock n roller

 While we’re on the topic of eyes, our Rock N Roller eyeliner’s are a major essential. It’s waterproof and it’s innovative rollerball applicator will save you half the time for a smooth, perfect line in a single stroke! Shop our Rock N Roller!



  1. Tinted blur


I think it’s safe to say that the first thing that tends to melt off is your base complexion, and while our Nudies Tinted Blur isn’t waterproof it is water-resistant.  Not to mention it’s the perfect on-the-go pocket pal for touch ups that will never look cakey or heavy. Shop our Tinted Blur.


  1. Magnetic Matte lip


Our Magnetic Matte Lip is the perfect long-lasting budge-proof lip to take you from AM to PM no touch ups necessary ;) pro tip: apply it on your cheeks + blend for a flush of color that will last all day long! Shop our Magnetic Matte Lips.


  1. Eyebrow stylus + gel

No look is complete without brows and what better than a 2-in-1, waterproof eyebrow pencil and a stronghold gel to secure your brows in place for the whole day. Fake it till you make it because these bad boys are in it for the long haul! Shop our Eyebrow Stylus + Gel

Have a hot summer! 👋

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