Everything You Need To Know About Our Recycling Program

Here at Nudestix, we've always put a huge emphasis on sustainability. (It's progress, not perfection.) Did you know that most of the cardboard used for packaging cosmetics is laminated and therefore can't be recycled? Also, most plastic ends up in landfills, our oceans and waterways, and the environment. Plastics do not biodegrade. Instead, they break down into microplastics that take thousands of years to decompose, and toxic chemicals that are used to manufacture plastic get transferred to animal tissue, eventually entering the human food chain.

With all of that in mind, in order to reduce the amount of waste we produce, we launched Nudestix with our iconic tins (made from tinplate, one of the most recyclable materials that exist!) — a reusable and recyclable packaging system. Over the years, after all of your support, we recognized that once you have purchased many Nudestix products, there are only so many ways to reuse them. In addition, we realized that many communities do not have access to the proper recycling facilities to recycle our tins. As a result, after hearing all of your feedback, we're taking our mission for eco-friendly beauty one step further.

Introducing our Save-A-Tin program! This program has been a long time coming, and we're so excited to finally make it available for all of our loyal #BabeBosses. Read on for everything you need to know about how to recycle your Nudestix tins.

Step 1: Order a Save-A-Tin bag with your Nudestix.com purchase. Any purchase you make on Nudestix.com is eligible for a Save-A-Tin bag. These bags are free with your purchase and are compostable after the tins are recycled.

Step 2: Reuse your tins. Your tins are perfect for all of your storage needs. Sort out your hair accessory drawer, jewelry collection, and so much more. These tins are also perfect for on-the-go Nudies touch-ups thanks to the built-in mirror.

Step 3: Collect 10 or more tins. Each compostable Save-A-Tin bag can fit 10 to 15 tins. Just throw them in and seal the bag.

Step 4: Mail out your bag. Stop by your local post office and drop off your bag. The postage is already prepaid and will go directly to the recycling plant. Make sure you don't include any Nudestix product returns because the package won't make it to us.

Step 5: The tins go to the recycling facility. That's it! Your prepaid bag makes its way to a recycling facility, the tinplate is separated into bundle scrap metal, and that metal is used to create new products.

Just so you know, our Save-A-Tin program is only available in places where Nudestix.com ships, but we're hoping to expand it globally soon. For now, enjoy playing with your Nudestix products. Save up your tins, and when you've run out of ways to reuse them, send them off to be recycled.

Who says glam can't be eco-friendly, too?